DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Coffee Machine

Coffee can be fairly referred to as the national drink worldwide. Be it starting the morning, used for quelling a headache, or to pass time as you have a nice talk with friends or even a business meeting – nothing is complete without doing it over a cup of divine coffee.

While we struggle every day to make the creamiest, frothiest or the best coffee ever, DeLonghi came up with a surprise technology for us. Redefine your coffee brewing experience with this latest coffee Gadget made especially for the modern day man – DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Coffee Machine.


– Compactness: This fully automatic espresso maker does not only function remarkably but also occupies minimum space on your kitchen counter. The machine has a compact design that makes it a beautiful yet small in size addition to your kitchen. Also, you can fill up water and add coffee beans without the need to move the machine.

– A Big Tank: with a 60 ounce (7 and a half cup) water storage capacity, you can brew a lot many cups without tiring yourself by adding water every time. Also, the rapid cappuccino in the machine maintains an adequate temperature so you can brew your coffee straightaway and save your time. After all, your time is very precious and DeLongi made sure of that.

– Digital Control Panel: DeLongi Magnifica comes with a smart control system with programmable settings to suit your needs. You can design your own espresso as per your moods and requirements from the control panel. The customized espresso can be light, strong or regular – whatever you may like. In addition to that, your machine can remember your choice, so if you are in love with one of your customized coffee, you can brew it daily without going through settings again.

– Foam Control: Whether you like a Mug half full of foam or only a thin layer set on your coffee you can suit yourself. With the adjustable manual cappuccino system that combines steam and milk in to the frothiest of foams, you can now choose the levels of foam you need in your coffee. Prepare a creamy latte with an evenly defined level of froth that is also long lasting.

– Extractable Brew Unit: DeLonghi has made cleaning an easy task for you by making a detachable coffee bin and drip tray. You can easily clean your machine by removing these parts and washing them under a sink. To make it easier, the Coffee machine has a decalcification indicator to notify you when it needs to be cleaned of deposited minerals.


– Reliability: The machine is known for its reliability because of its high selling rate and customer satisfaction.

– Comes with digital controls that are more users friendly and easy to operate with.

– The Coffee machine is small in size than other machines of similar specs.

– You can use the machine without any need for grinder as it has an inbuilt grinder as well.


– Since the machine has an in built grinder, you can expect much noise while the grinding process is being performed.

– The grinder cannot function properly with oily beans. Therefore to get best results try using medium espresso roast.


Delonghi esam3300 magnifica super-automatic espresso/coffee machine weighs 24 pounds and consumes 1350 W of power. It has a stainless steel –lined aluminum boiler material to ensure quick and even distribution of heat. Looking at the many positive user reviews, this product is indeed a highly recommended buy for coffee lovers.